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    EngineersHub Internship Programme - September 2015 - EngineersHub
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    EngineersHub Internship Programme - September 2015

    Ever wondered of getting interned under a globally recognized organization, EH is here with an opportunity who wants their future to be well settled and always wished to work with a real time implementation projects in an organization.

    The intern will be given with the certification and training on the required field, All that we are looking for, is a student with excellent communication skills, self motivated and positive minded as it results to be a good leader !!!  We also welcome the students who are also not good at all the above but have a good leadership qualities in them and can involve in the college activities by bringing the permissions for conducting various college events and managing students as a group.

    A major advantage of being an intern at EngineersHub is 

    1.  You will be getting a free entry in any of the event conducted by EngineersHub.

    2.  You can increase you contacts, as an intern will also be involving with all the delegates of the EngineersHub team and also with many developers and coders who might refer you in future.

    3. Chance of being a member in EngineersHub team (WILD CARD ENTRY) ;)

    4. Chance of getting trained on all the programming and coding languages for FREE !!!

    5. A good platform to recognize  where  you are now and what are the various opportunities in the world with the present knowledge you have !!!

    6. You will be given with hand full of goodies and a t-shirt and the most valuable INTERNSHIP CERTIFICATE from such a valuable and huge  organization.

    7. There many more to explore, the only thing you have to do now is open the link below and fill it sincerely.


    Most of the features are not Available, We will integrate all the existing features and new features very soon.
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