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EngineersHub MiniProjects for III Years CSE & IT Students.... - EngineersHub

 EngineersHub MiniProjects for III Years CSE & IT Students....

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EngineersHub MiniProjects for III Year CSE & IT Students....

EngineersHub Procedure of conducting Mini-Projects..

  1. EngineersHub will be linked-up with college and provides mini-projects for the students of CSE & IT.
  2. EngineersHub will make each group of every 4 students.
  3. Each Group will be charged Rs.8000/-
  4. MiniProjects Topics are Updated to the latest Technology.
  5. Our Trainers will guide you in such a way, you will never experience that integrity again.
  6. EngineersHub will make you to gain more confidence.
  7. Miniprojects Course is of 30days.
  8. Apart from these Course EngineersHub conducts 5 additional full day technical classes in which 60-80+ techniques will be taught so that students gains the self confidence to do any project on his own with out any help.
  9. This 60-80+ techniques will not available in india anywhere but exclusively available at EngineersHub which has the value of Rs.1,00,000/- but we are including it in the Miniprojects fees i.e Rs.2000/- per student.
  10. 5 Days Technical Classes is more than Full 4 Years B.Tech Course.
  11. EngineersHub Recommends Each & Every Engineering Student to join this course & EngineersHub assures that you will be 100% satisfied with this because EngineersHub is made to Deliver Quality.

IF INTRESTED CONTACT US AT admin@engineershub.in

http://www.miniprojects.engineershub.in (will be updated soon)


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