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    EngineersHub Special Topic : Know Engineering Studies exactly in these days, Must read for freshers and all the Engineering Students - EngineersHub
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    6 years ago
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    EngineersHub Special Topic : Know Engineering Studies exactly in these days, Must read for freshers and all the Engineering Students

    Engineering?? Degree?? else other courses??.... this is the regular dilemma of every student crossing +2!  If you do not make a correct move that suits your  standard  you will be in a pandora’s box. If you opt to do  Engineering in ANDHRA PRADESH, you should pass an Entrance Exam, conducted by the state Government Of  AP,  called  eamcet (engineering Agriculture and medical common entrance test). Students who qualifies eamcet are eligible to do engineering choosing one of these groups: Civil Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Chemical Engineering Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Biomedical Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Control Engineering Electronics & Computer Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Instrumentation & Control Engineering Bio Technology And so on……… Most of the students have a stereotype(wrong) vision that, ’engineering is an easy task to do, we can have a rare old time, merry making we can get a prestigious degree in four years!!’. But put  a question to a gal/guy who crossed these 4 years of engineering that if they are happy with what they have done and are doing??  Did they fulfill their passion?? Are they satisfied with the job they are doing??   The answer will be nothing but a long silence from 5/6th of engineers!!..... well its a toughie..!!!   Many researches say that most of the engineering passouts are not satisfied with their jobs.They are feeling increasingly unhappy with their career and lost enthusiasm! Today many engineers are doing substandard jobs like in call centers etc.,!!  Some are moving to the entirely different fields like banking, marketing, business..etc., This may be due to lack of technical knowledge or their personal interest, but its a narrow squeak to these people!! Well this downhearted response is a result of impoverish colleges in which they have studied or their unwillingness to be in engineering field!! In many engineering colleges the resources are not good, faculty is not well experienced and interaction between students and faculty is worse!!  So our best advice to you is to visit the college before joining it and do check whether it is perfect to you.  Interact with the students, studying in that college, and enquire iff the college is well infrastructured and is supportive to the students? Do Not perceive a group on the word of your parents, uncle or others. Choose the group of your interest, because this becomes your future. Being superficial, if you opt a group/field selected/suggested by others you will be in nothing but a crap studying uninterested subjects. sometimes students are lead into clinical depression resulting suicides in extreme cases!! Coming to the business,  after joining a college this will be a new world to you. New friends, atmosphere and new culture what not everything will be new to you…… Our advice to you is always choose a better friend who helps in studies and be with you in every deed, warn about the crap you are entering and tide you in progress . Spare an hour or 45 minutes to revise the subjects that are taught in the classes by the professors. At Least do revise weekly once. This will help you during final exams. The fashion of one day batting or night outs must not be encouraged.This leads to peer pressure and insufficient knowledge. Coming to the syllabus, all the branches have common subjects in first year.In 2nd year we enter our home department. 1st year consist of one semester with five practical exams and 2,3,4th  yr consist of 2 semesters and practicals may vary with respect to each department. If you find any of the faculty is not good regarding the subject, do complain to the H.O.D of the respective department, you will get the faculty changed. Generally engineering students will be of three types:

    1.   Some students will score good marks by self studies or self preparation based on their      own knowledge
    2. Some students  attend college regularly and seek knowledge from professors.
    3.  While some other students do attend the college regularly but fails to make the most out of the lecturers.

    There are also students who can't be categorized into these..!, those who come to the college just for the sake of degree, or to make the time pass wasting parents money and stealing others genuine position !! Don't be of such kind. Engineering is not a place for enjoyment it is a platform for hard work and success, it gives a rapturous welcome to those who are interested in research and development.  …… The more you enjoy in engineering the more you suffer in future……… Hard work lays the success at your feet. So at last our advice is………… Be ‘known’ and ‘heard’ don't be ‘Herd’. Be curious, innovate and explore!! ALL THE BEST…………… Regards EngineersHub Team

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