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    Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence - CodeBeat - EngineersHub
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    1 year ago
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    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence confers to the ability of a non-human being or a machine to act and work as a human brain.

    Have you ever given a thought on why people say “ Do smart work not hard work” .How much time difference do you think will there be if the same amount of work is done by you and a machine?

    Okay, let’s dig out to the concept of A.I using an example of customer care service. Maybe hundreds of people are deployed in order to respond to our queries. Using A.I, machine is made to respond to us instead of any human representative. This way,

    So much of time and effort will be saved along with our query.

    You must have heard about Apple Siri. If you haven't yet, we will dig it out here and you will find it very interesting.

    It's nothing but an app designed to assist user in assisting their work. You just have to say “Hey Siri" and boop… Siri is ready to assist you. A user gives the command to it which is converted to a form that Siri can understand. This command is then sent to the server where it is matched with the database. The correct response is sent back to Siri which she gives back to a user in a format which user can understand. Interesting isn't it?

    What is A.I?

    Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence allows a machine to take any input from the environment just as the human brain does, process it and give back a useful output.

     Why A.I?

    1.  Machines are not prone to human-made errors. Machine are nowhere related to emotions. This way, the pace of work and the output is given remains constant. Chances of getting erroneous output to get reduced.

    2.  The degree of precision correctness and reliability remains high compared to manual work.

    3.  Unlike us, a machine does not need any break. These can work without any interruption or breakpoint.

    4.  Time taken by a machine to complete a task is negligible compared to how much a human can take.

    So now when we are familiar with Artificial Intelligence, we shall go on with the categories it's been classified into and we will see some of its application in the real world.

    Evolution :

    Scientists and philosopher were always curious about how a human brain work. With scientific and technical advancement there came a concept of decision-making machines. These machines could work in the same way as a human brain. These could take input and were able to give a decision based on it. These machines are in use now as we discussed above. But the main difficulty with this machine is the level up to which machines can think. Based on the algorithm and rules, decision making capability remained restricted. Here came the concept of machines which could consider each and every aspect of input and process it in the same way as a human brain. These are not yet fully developed but in the next 10 to 15 years, chances of it taking over the market is high. These machines will be based on concepts of Artificial intelligence, Neural networks and Machine Learning where machines will even be able to handle a large amount of output.

    Types of A.I :

    1.  Weak A.I : 

    These are meant to work as per the algorithm designed for it. The output remains fixed i.e as per the algorithm. Prerequisite defines a fixed set of rules that the system follows. These are not expected to think out of the rule set. Apple’s Siri is one such example of weak A.I.

    2.  Strong A.I : 

    These are designed to work in the same way as the human brain works. Our response to the environment varies. It changes depending on various output. In the same way, strong A.I does not always give a rigid or expected result. Strong A.I are not yet fully explored and are not commercialized.

    So, what are the different applications of this amazing thing??? Let's check it out.

    Applications of A.I :

    1.  Chatbots:

    Chatbots are nothing but programmed systems that can interact with us through voice recognition and ML technologies. Apple Siri we discussed above is one of its example which assists us with this technique.

    2. E-commerce:

    With the increased number of the online customer, customer dissatisfaction increases. Steps like navigation through the site, adding to cart and payment all require a smooth process for customer satisfaction. A.I helps out customer by understanding their needs. Display of correct product expected delivery time and even the search process are taken care by A.I. It scams out any fraud among the users.

    3. Workplaces:


    A.I help to minimize workload by doing any repetitive work. It filters out redundant work and saves our time and effort.

    Does A.I has any cons?


    1.  Despite so many pros, the cost to install a machine and make it work remains high.

    2.  A machine can simply work for what they are supposed to do. We can’t expect a non-human thing to think out of the box.

    3.  We can’t make sure a machine can copy 100 percent of a human brain.

    Implement or Not?

    Everything has its own pros and cons. Despite of these many disadvantages, A.I still stays to be a boon to human. It cannot fully take over a human brain but future scope shows that it may give a hand to cover a major human market.

    Credit : Sneha Mala


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