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    JNTU-HYDERABAD : Exemption of Subjects - Clarification - EngineersHub
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    JNTU Hyderabad
    5 years ago
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    As many of the students are asking many doubts/queries regarding the exemption of subjects, grace marks, class change. I have seen many students are asking similar type of doubts.This topic will answers all your doubts & queries. Engineershub Provides you clear explanation for the most frequently queries Read all the points before u post any query. It took lot of time to collect & post the entire data. The other websites people who are copying this topic data from Engineershub do mention source as Engineershub website url/link (Its a minimum courtesy).

    Q) How many subjects can we leave/exempt under the exemption rule ?

    Ans : U can leave/exempt maximum of 2 subjects (max of 8 credits) from 1 to 4 years.

    Q) Who all students comes under R09 Batch ?

    Ans : Students who got admitted into B.Tech in 2009,2010,2011,2012 comes under R09 batch.

    Q) Is Exemption/Leaving of subjects rule applicable for B.Pharmacy students ?

    Ans : No, its not applicable for B.Pharmacy students. They need to clear all the subjects from 1 to 4 years in-order to be eligible for award of degree.

    Q) What does leaving/Exempt of 2 subjects mean ?

    Ans : Exemption of 2 subjects means students have an option to leave or Exempt 2 subjects to get the degree. If a students secures 192 credits out of 200 Registered credits then the student will be eligible for award of degree. So, here students are having an option to leave 8 credits max. In a simple way i can say that if a student fails in 1 or 2 subjects, if he wish to leave those subjects then he can leave those 1 or 2 subjects & he can get the degree.

    Q) What does Exempt of 8 Credits mean ?

    Ans : U do have an option to leave 2 subjects at most which carries a total of 8 credits. Here are the following cases for leaving of 8 credits max.

    1) U can leave 2 subjects which carries 4 + 4 Credits each = Total of 8 Credits (Secured 192 Credits).

    2) U can leave 2 subjects which carries 4 + 3 Credits each = Total of 7 credits (Total no.of credits should not exceed 8) - Secured 193 credits

    3) U can leave 1 subject which carries 6 credits = Total of 6 credits (Total no.of credits should not exceed

    8) - Secured 194 credits.

    Q) How this rule will be beneficial ?

    Ans : This rule will be beneficial to increase the percentage (For those who cleared all subjects) & also to get the degree (For those students who got failed in 1 or 2 subjects).

    Note : 1) Grace marks can be added only to 1 or 2 subjects maximum.

    2) Grace marks can be added only for external exams.

    3) Under Grace marks Rule 4 marks [Total of 8 marks Maximum] each will be added in 2 subjects. [Example : if u are having 22 Marks in external exams 2 subjects then the grace marks will be added to get u passed in those subjects].

    4) Under Grace marks rule max of 8 marks will be added for one subject.[Conform it from your respective exam cell or from JNTUH before u proceed further]

    5) The best performance among the external examinations shall be considered while giving the grace marks.

    6) Grace marks can't be added to internal marks.

    7) Students can apply for grace marks & class change only after they get the original marks memos. Jntu Results Jntu Results Jntu results    

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