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    How to make B.Tech as an excellent career option? - EngineersHub
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    5 years ago
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    How to make B.Tech as an excellent career option?

    Here are the  measures to be followed by new joinees to make B.Tech as an excellent career option....... After a lot of stress in intermediate for various entrance exams, many students take up B.Tech to fulfill their dream to become an Engineer. A student enters a reputed college with lot of enthusiasm and hopes to full fill this dream. images Obviously one imagines their life as in Happy Days movie, but this is only one side of the coin. A student need to realize it is a complete different world from school and intermediate. This is the starting point of one’s career which has a major impact after 4 years.   confused_imageWhen compared with inter and school, here a student must try to know everything by themselves. In the beginning itself students should try know why did you take this course? What are its prospects? What career you are expecting after 4years? What skills you need to acquire before passing out from the campus? So here are the answers to these questions and some of the measure that a student needs to follow in their 4 years journey. Every engineering branch has something different to offer, so find out how is your branch distinctive. At this stage a student should realize the fact that teaching and learning procedure in B.Tech is entirely different. Here one should be entirely independent from teachers, they are not going to provide complete knowledge in a class room. You should step out in to the real world of trying to gain knowledge yourself and implement in real life, have hands of experience. Spend some time on internet to know about the updated technologies in your branch, they aren’t present in the out dated voluminous books. Have a strong foundation in the basics, do live projects from the beginning of the semester itself. Every year over three million graduates are coming out, but still India is facing a shortage of engineers with enough technical talent. So think what is the root cause of this problem? The main reason for this is students just learn the theory to pass the examinations and are not implementing them practically. So to avoid this, next to college, a student must and should take part in outer world activities and be interactive. As India now being the hub for many entrepreneurs, student should bring their entrepreneur skills out and try solving common world problems with the extensive use of technology. The best solution is to find an internship, this will unveil a vast difference between what is taught in the classroom and what it actually is. This will assist a lot in to develop job relevant skills. Apart from technical skills, communication skills also play a vital role. A recent research says that more than 72% engineers do not possess good conversation skills required in a industry. To avoid this scenario, one should take steps to have command over English and give presentations and seminars to build confidence. Participate in group discussions and college events. skills

    Fig : Steps to be followed by Budding Engineers

          Don’t just think of grades and placements, have willingness for hard work and readiness for life-long learning. These two are very essential qualities and will make all other things happen automatically and one can successfully reach their goal.

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