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    JNTUH JNTU Hyderabad B.Tech R09 Syllabus Books - EngineersHub
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    JNTUH JNTU Hyderabad B.Tech R09 Syllabus Books

    I Year Common for All Branches (R09)


    II Year I Semester CSE (R09)

    II Year II Semester CSE (R09)

    III Year I Semester CSE (R09)

    III Year II Semester CSE (R09)

    IV Year I Semester CSE (R09)

    IV Year II Semester CSE (R09)


    II Year I Semester IT (R09)

    II Year II Semester IT (R09)

    III Year I Semester IT (R09)

    III Year II Semester IT (R09)

    IV Year I Semester IT (R09)

    IV Year II Semester IT (R09)


    II Year I Semester ECE (R09)

    II Year II Semester ECE(R09)

    III Year I Semester ECE (R09)

    III Year II Semester ECE(R09)

    IV Year I Semester ECE (R09)

    IV Year II Semester ECE (R09)


    II Year I Semester EEE (R09)

    II Year II Semester EEE(R09)

    III Year I Semester EEE (R09)

    III Year II Semester EEE(R09)

    IV Year I Semester EEE (R09) . . . will be added soon

    IV Year II Semester EEE (R09)


    II Year I Semester CIVIL (R09)

    II Year II Semester CIVIL (R09)

    III Year I Semester CIVIL(R09)

    III Year II Semester CIVIL (R09)

    IV Year I Semester CIVIL (R09)

    IV Year II Semester CIVIL (R09)


    II Year I Semester MECHANICAL (R09)

    II Year II Semester MECHANICAL (R09)

    III Year I Semester MECHANICAL (R09)

    III Year II Semester MECHANICAL (R09)

    IV Year I Semester MECHANICAL (R09)

    IV Year II Semester MECHANICAL (R09)


    II Year I Semester MECHATRONICS (R09)

    II Year II Semester MECHATRONICS (R09)

    III Year I Semester MECHATRONICS (R09)

    III Year II Semester MECHATRONICS (R09)

    IV Year I Semester MECHATRONICS (R09)

    IV Year II Semester MECHATRONICS (R09)


    II Year I Semester AERONAUTICAL (R09)

    II Year II Semester AERONAUTICAL (R09)

    III Year I Semester AERONAUTICAL (R09)

    III Year II Semester AERONAUTICAL (R09)

    IV Year I Semester AERONAUTICAL (R09)

    IV Year II Semester AERONAUTICAL (R09)

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