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    Masters in Germany - Best country to pursue Masters - EngineersHub
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    4 years ago
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    Masters in Germany - Best country to pursue Masters

    Why Germany? 

    1. German education comes at a fraction of the cost of US, UK, Australia, etc.. 
    2. Germans have an aging population and it has reached crisis point. So unlike UK, US etc, Germany is welcoming young people to stay on and be the future tax payers.
    3. Students typically get placed right from University, as German education is very unique - internships are worked out by the University, so students get real time exposure in the field they are studying.
    4. Though traditionally, Germany despite being the world's largest exporter, have traded within the European Union - all that is now changing! Germany has now started aggressively engaging China & India economically - more than 2000 companies have entered India in the past years and much more in the coming years.

    Germany is the world’s biggest capital exporter and achieved the highest current account surplus in its history at 200 billion euros in 2013 - even higher than that of China. Yes, they are absolute GODS when it comes to manufacturing and exports, basically how a country earns. Yes, Germany! And this with only 80 million people! - an absolute and undisputed leader. 

    Germany has already heavily relaxed their visa policies and are welcoming foreigners and students to their shores. Yes, they are looking for talented foreign workers. Just in the past two years more than 10,000 Indian students have commenced their education in Germany annually.

    Germany has always been synonymous with engineering. It is well known for its technical universities, internships that are practical and immersive, and perhaps most important, a culture and an economy that rewards engineering skills with both prestige and career growth. The environment in Germany does favor technical education at all levels. In Germany, hands-on internships at companies span the engineering student’s senior year.

    German universities have a stellar reputation. The feeling in Germany is that there may not be enough young engineers to continue the country’s traditional leadership in engineering. German leaders view this falloff in engineers as a critical problem because the country is a world leader in machinery exports. All in all, German politicians and businesses alike think a strong engineering base is an economic necessity. A “Dipl.-Ing.” (short for Diplom-Ingenieur) from either a university or Fachhochschule is a respected degree. 

    So it really is an ideal time to learn about Germany – yes, another culture and another language – to take advantage of the new opportunities that will be thrown up in the coming decades. So get your kids out there to commence learning German. No, they don’t have to learn German to study in Germany, but it is highly recommended. And if one is really talented by way of language, then the entire spectrum of educational programs open up. And what better way to get to know a country and culture, than by living and studying there. 

    Other than studying Masters in your stream, you should strongly consider studying Business, Logistics etc.. Please fill the form below and representatives in Germany will guide you for free on how to go about your application, which programs and which Universities.

    Click here to fill the form

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