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    Useful Apps for Electronic Engineering students - EngineersHub
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    4 years ago
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    In this smart phone generation, we come across many apps which made our life smarter.  Next to books and  desktop applications, Electronic Engineers also have many useful apps which helps in their learning process. Here is a list of some awesome apps you should have on your Smartphone

    1. ElectroDroid

    Must-Have-Android-Apps-for-Electrical-amp-Electronics-Engineers-1-   This is a powerful collection of reference material and tools on electronics. The app contains a lot of useful color code, sources information and calculators and is simple to use.

    2.EveryCircuit    jio   This app lets you understand that how do design different important electronic circuits and how they work. By using this app one can build any electrical or electronics circuit like Logic gate, LED flashing circuits, Resistive, inductive, capacitive, operational amplifier and other electrical & electronics circuits. Simply tap to design and play.

    1. Lessons In Electric Circuits

    Must-Have-Android-Apps-for-Electrical-amp-Electronics-Engineers-14--300x300   This app is really a good friend to an engineer. This app is available in six volumes. Volume 1 — DC Volume 2 — AC Volume 3 — Semiconductors Volume  4 — Digital Volume 5 — Reference Volume 6 – Experiments

    1. DroidTesla

    eh   This app is a mobile version of SPICE tool. Its permit you to solve, simulate and analyze different electrical and electronic circuits by using KCL and KVL. This app can help you with both the linear and non-linear circuits.

    1. Electronics Toolkit

    gft   This app allows to calculate unknown quantities in the field of electronics engineering. It provides a resistor color code, power calculator, and Ohm’s Law, Series, Parallel, and Series,Parallel combination of inductors, capacitor and resistors.

    1. Electronic Dictionary

    Capture   This app is the dictionary of all the terms of electronics. This can define almost all the terminology of electronics in detail.

    1. PICmicro Database

    ehh   This app is the database for different integrated circuits. Pin configurations, features, technology information is provided for a vast variety of ICs.

    1. ASCII Chars

    Capture (1)   This  app can be used for reference by electronics engineers. It contains the first 127 ASCII character along with their hex and decimal values.

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